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Falset, the Priorat's door, is placed at the foot of the Castle of the Counts of Prades, from the 12th century, where two queens were born, Elionor, queen of Cyprus and Jerusalem, and Margarida, wife of Martí the Human and last queen of the Catalan dynasty. The fall of the castle, on September 2, 1714, to the Miquelets commanded by Colonel Anton Vidal, constitutes the last defeat of the Bourbon troops during the War of Succession.

More than a third of medieval falseters were Jews, and the old town preserves many vestiges of the call (the Jewish Quarter). Its main square, La Quartera, is presided by the Town Hall, the former neoclassic palace of the Dukes of Medinacelli.

The spectacular cooperative winery, of art-deco style, dates back to 1919, when the Priorat vineyards had already been devastated by the phylloxera plague, and it is a remembrance of the desperate effort of the region to survive a decay from which has only begun to recover about twenty years ago.

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