Josep Maria Palleja el cocinero de Brichs Restaurant


Josep Maria Pallejà started cooking in Edinburgh, where he had gone to study English. Advised by her mother, initially by telephone, he discovered the secrets of an honest tradition of homemade cooking, and, as well, that he had an innate talent for it.

What follows is the hard training, partly self-taught and partly at work, of those who have discovered late their vocation. The process culminates in 2012 when, with two colleagues, he opens his own restaurant at Marçà, three kilometres from Falset. Modest premises, very limited means, an uncomfortable work space, but Josep Maria triumphs and makes a name for himself in the region.

Success demands rethinking everything. Josep Maria looks for and finds new allies, closes the restaurant, experiences, gets trained at one of the best cooking schools (Culinary Institute of Barcelona). Finally, he returns to the region with an infrastructure worthy of his talent, the BRICHS Restaurant.